I’m 5’2” and the Leggings Struggle is Just Too Real

I’m 5’2” and the Leggings Struggle is Just Too Real

There is no struggle that compares to finding the perfect petite legging. I search and search through online legging stores, order, and inevitably end up sending them back. Leggings just don’t fit me the way that they are supposed to; I am constantly having to hitch them up during my workout, having to roll them, or dealing with the unflattering bunched fabric at my ankle. And there’s the fact that these leggings make me look even shorter. It just isn’t a look that anyone would voluntary opt in for while they’re trying to get their workout on!

I have tried on just about every women’s leggings out there to no avail. Until recently, I had given up on ever being able to wear appropriately fitting leggings while I exercise. Then, I ordered VISAKAI leggings. Specifically, I ordered the Power and Freedom Leggings. And I finally found the perfect petite leggings for me! These leggings are both 7/8 in length, meaning they are cropped enough to hit petite women (like me) right at the ankle. There is no extra fabric to roll or bunch up. Plus, more perks: both leggings feature a patent-pending FREELUXE technology that lets me hit the gym without worrying about panty lines. Both have drawstrings for an adjustable fit. The Freedom legging even has pockets, so I can go totally hands-free as I workout. The color and style options are amazing! If you’re as excited as I am about leggings that actually fit, shop here. 


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