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Why you'll love VISAKAI leggings

Why you'll love VISAKAI leggings

Trust me: once you put on a pair of our VISAKAI leggings, you won’t take them off. The fabric is so comfortable and the fit is so flattering that you will want to live in them! They’re perfect for yoga and pilates - they won’t ride up or down, plus the fabric is totally breathable but thick (but not too thick) enough to make sure there’s nothing visible when you’re stretching it out in positions like the downward dog. These are just a few of the reasons to love our leggings, and here are a few more:

No Visible Panty Lines (VPL)

All our leggings have our patent-pending FREELUXE technology that allow you to skip the underwear. There are four layers of  material designed into the gusset that keep you cool, fresh, and dry. The best part: no panty lines! No underwear means no more bunching, discomfort, or riding up. Our leggings let you focus completely on your workout, without worrying about the dreaded VPL.

Very Versatile

VISAKAI leggings are the ultimate go anywhere, do anything pant. They look amazing at the gym or in the studio, but can easily transition to a cute brunch outfit. Throw on one of our amazing tanks or jackets, and you’re ready to go.

All About the Details

VISAKAI leggings are designed to both look and feel good. There is extra mid-section support in our waistband which helps to eliminate muffin top. The continuous drawstring in the waistband also lets you adjust the leggings to your desired size and means they won’t fall down. And those hidden pockets - totally perfect for holding keys, cards, or even your phone for a hands-free workout.


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